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UPDATE: Fiber Optic Internet in the Valley? Yep.


OneNet Service Areas (Updated July 24, 2013):

July 24, 2013: Section of Lost River, from our Hardy Telecommunications office at 2255 Kimseys Run Road west on Kimseys Run Road.  Then approximately two miles back Dove Hollow Road, two miles back Parker Hollow Road (includes Cottage Lane and Wolford Drive), two miles back Caldwell Hollow Road, and 1.5 miles back Helmick Rock Road (includes Buffalo Road, Trout Pass Road, and Winston Road).

HARDY TELECOMMUNICATIONS has been building a network that will provide fiber-optic cable connections directly to residents homes throughout Hardy county.  This fiber-to-the-home network is called ONE NET. Fiber-optic technology is the most modern technology in the telecommunications field, capable of providing high-definition digital television, ultra-high-speed broadband Internet access, and digital telephone service through a single connection.

The first areas in Hardy County to receive OneNet will be Moorefield and Lost River.  Slowly but surely residents have been receiving notices that their area has gone live.  Once your area is ready Hardy Telecommunications will place door hangers at your residence, but if you want to check on the progress they have created an online report that can be found HERE.


5 comments on “UPDATE: Fiber Optic Internet in the Valley? Yep.

  1. Brett

    I had a chance to talk with Scott Sherman at Hardy Telecom today and it looks like by Fall some of the folks a little further out (we’re in Mathias near the state park) will start being hooked up. The key funding is from two federal programs – the Broadband Initiatives Program (BIP) & the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) — which are both grants and loans. We also talked about the status of wireless service and it really is a challenge for our area given the terrain – hills and valleys are tricky to cover. Having good broadband speeds, though, will allow folks to have personal microcells (we have one from AT&T and it works reasonably well with our DSL connection).

    The video offering will cover the DC stations but also include WV stations which will be better for local weather and events. Technically the county is part of the DC TV area so Hardy Telecom had to make a special effort to be able to carry WV TV in their offering.

    I think the funniest thing is that we will get access to fiber service at our farmhouse in Mathias before we can get it at our townhouse on Capitol Hill!

    I’ll update this posting if I learn more …

    • paulyandura

      Thanks for this update.

  2. Anonymous

    I would be more thrilled if they could do something about the lack of cell phone towers

    • Brett

      The cell tower issue is a bit trickier. Hardy Telecom doesn’t build the towers here, but neither do the individual carriers. The towers are built and managed by third parties that the carriers then lease space on. The best bet is to get the carriers interested which will push the tower company and then it can evolve from there.

  3. CC

    Be nice if they can get up up to Cooper mountain in Augusta (just west of Capon Bridge) because everyone out here would switch immediately to dump Frontier who hasn’t spent a dime on infrastructure and delivers the worst service ever to customers. Lucky to dial up speeds on DSL between 3pm and midnight daily.

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